Neighbors on Peeples Street between RDA & Oglethorpe worked for the last week painting light poles, street number signs, fences and trimmed trees on our block by pitching in money and time.  We rented a personal 24′ lift from Northside Tool Rental ($99 for the weekend, $99 per weekday) to reach the tallest areas beginning last Friday.  Ken Murphy used his chain saw skills on the old trees lining our block leaving mounds of tree debris along the street, trimming dead wood, massive overhanging limbs and dead trees covered with vines.   We elevated the smaller trees from the bottom up at a uniform height.   Fifteen households participated.  The houses which did not participate (either in transition or occupied by elderly) also got new matching street numbers and a face lift in the interests of having the entire block looking its best.  In many cases, the house numbers outside of our homes had not been replaced in forty years.  The abandoned house near RDA on Peeples had kudzu removed, fence painted and a general clean up to make it look more lived in.  Brick sidewalks were cleaned and leveled in many areas.  The entire block was weeded.  Most of our wrought iron fences were painted oil based gloss black as were all the street lights and number poles.

The effort brought out everyone on the street to do their part, blessed by amazing fall weather.  On Wednesday when we were all finished, the City of Atlanta came and picked it all up.  The expenses for the effort for 20 homes (one apartment building) came to $1250 and included lift rental, plywood and street numbers for all the signs (120 street numbers), round up, clorox, spray paint and buckets of oil based paint, brushes, etc.  Each neighbor paid what they could afford to split the cost among our group.    Had we hired a company to do the same work we estimate the cost would have been about $6,000.