West End Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places and we are committed to preserving the beautiful, historic homes and buildings in our district. Before any work can be done on the exterior of a home (alterations, repairs, replacements, etc.) or to a property (fences, walkways, driveways, etc.) in the Historic District, the owner must first contact the Atlanta Urban Design Commission (AUDC) at 404-330-6145. The AUDC staff will review the proposed plans and do one of the following:

A.    Issue a Certificate of Appropriateness

B.    Deny the plan for not complying with the regulations

C.    Send the plan to the Commission for further review

Only after AUDC issues a Certificate of Appropriateness can the home/property owner apply for the required or necessary permits.

These regulations are legal Codes of Ordinances for the City of Atlanta. For more information on the regulations, click the link below.

Historic Regulations