Firehouse #7 is coming along nicely for those of you who don’t drive by there regularly.  Following its closing for economic reasons during the downturn in the economy, it is well on its way to be a source of pride for West End.  Love the new color scheme!  This station will be for emergency services as the historic bays are not large enough to accommodate current fire engines.  A shout out goes to firehouses #14 and #17 for their quick response time to a fire on Peeples street last week.  In less than five minutes several trucks showed up and quickly dispatched the fire which was getting out of control.  The fire was accidentally set when a girl who was moving out of the house built a fire in the fireplace to keep warm.  The electricity had been turned off previously and there were aerosol cans in the fireplace which exploded and started the blaze.  The new owner plans to renovate and is considering moving in instead of just using it as an investment, which was his original plan.  The house still has much of its original fixtures and stained glass as it was owner occupied for 48 years by the same family.