Membership Concerns & Community Relations

  • Develop and implement activities that stimulate and retain resident involvement.
  • Conduct membership drives.
  • Develop and distribute new member packets/information.
  • Provide new member information to Recording Secretary for inclusion in WEND member database.
  • Establish relationships with other communities on behalf of WEND.


  • Plan and execute all WEND events throughout the year.
  • Work with Public Relations & Marketing committee on event promotion.
  • Promote member engagement through events and sponsorship activations.

Public Relations & Marketing

  • Publish WEND newsletter.
  • Maintain the organization website and hosting.
  • Draft and submit press releases, as needed, to promote the interests of WEND.
  • Establish and nurture relationships with local media outlets.
  • Develop and deploy public relations and marketing strategies.
  • Maintain information on neighborhood development and related subjects.
  • Maintain official WEND social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

Preservation & Urban Design

  • Inform and educate residents, businesses, property owners, and others of the architectural and design
    heritage of the neighborhood.
  • Disseminate the Atlanta Zoning Ordinance, Section 16, Chapter 20G, West End HistoricDistrict
    regulations and the Residential Design Guidelines of the West End Historic District.
  • Review Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) applications submitted to the Atlanta Urban Design
    Commission (AUDC) for conformance with West End Historic District regulations and prepare
    official WEND comments and/or position regarding CoA applications.
  • Represents official position of WEND at City of Atlanta meetings (AUDC, NPU, Office of Design, etc.).
  • Influence enforcement of Atlanta Zoning Ordinance, Section 16, Chapter 20G West End Historic
    District regulations.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with local and municipal agencies to promote active
    monitoring and enforcement of ongoing construction activity.
  • Work with the WEND Zoning Committee, when appropriate, on issues impacting neighborhood
    preservation and design

Zoning, Land Use & Code Enforcement

  • Maintain current information on zoning laws in West End and inform the organization of all zoning
    violations and petitions for variances and changes.
  • Influence the enforcement of the zoning laws and design standards of the West End Historic District.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with zoning and planning authorities, to include the below
    and other such authorities and applicants:

    • Zoning Review Board (ZRB)
    • Bureau of Buildings
    • Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA)
    • License Review Board (LRB)
  • Represents the will of the committee and/or general body at official meetings (NPU, Office of Zoning
    & Development).

Beautification & Environmental Health

  • Conduct activities that maximize the aesthetic elements and minimize health hazards to residents of
    the West End.
  • Organize and execute clean-up campaigns.
  • Collaborate with appropriate city & state officials and inform them of needed actions.
  • Ensure all streets within the Historic District have “Historic West End” street toppers.


  • Work to promote quality education in local elementary and secondary schools.
  • Collaborate with local education and cultural institutions.
  • Participates in parent-teacher associations and meets regularly with local education officials.
  • Engages West End community to support local education initiatives.

Public Safety

  • Partner with local law enforcement agencies to plan and implement activities that promote public
    safety in the West End.
  • Receive monthly crime reports from Zone 4 and attend APD Zone 4 quarterly meetings.
  • Attend monthly NPU meetings, as needed.
  • Work with approved local Neighborhood Watch organization(s).


  • Performs quarterly review of Treasurer’s reports and presents to General Body. (See table below)