Untitled design

Designed circa 2000 by a group of West End neighbors, the Blocks of Culture design was originally created as a way to brand the West End, and differentiate the neighborhood from the greater southwest Atlanta region. The banner can be found proudly displayed throughout the residential and commercial districts of West End so that visitors have an immediate sense of being inside the official boundaries of the historic district.

The design is meant to evoke the aesthetic of a quilt, where each rectangle (or “Block of Culture”) represents a unique attribute that contributes to the overall cultural fabric of the neighborhood. There are ten “blocks” that represent everything from religious diversity and educational opportunities to business development and historical architecture. The color palate for the design was inspired by the colors seen on many of West End’s historic homes, using hues from the Benjamin Moore Historical Colors collection. Additionally, the “blocks” are evocative of West End’s street grid system, which is rather unique in the City of Atlanta. Have you ever looked at a map of the neighborhood? It’s amazing how the Blocks of Culture design comes to life when you do.

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