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Welcome to West End, Neighborhood of the Year

Atlanta’s West End is a vibrant community known for the diversity of its residents, who represent many different economic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  The spirit of neighborhood is reflected in a strong sense of community and enthusiastic resident involvement.  

Named 2015 Curbed Cup Champion (UPDATE: West End wins Curbed Cup “Neighborhood of the Year” again in 2017!) and the hottest neighborhood in Atlanta of 2016 by Redfin, the burgeoning, yet historic community of West End is quickly becoming one of Atlanta’s most talked about and sought after neighborhoods for young professionals and families.   Whether you are seeking a pedestrian- and bike-friendly community along the Atlanta BeltLine  or you’re looking for a neighborhood convenient to major thoroughfares, West End has it all. 

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Recent Posts

Paid Interns Wanted

As you know, we received grant funding from the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta for the West End YouWork Youth Internship program! We will be connecting 15 youth (ages 14-18) in the Washington cluster of schools (Brown MS, KIPP STRIVE Academy, Washington HS) with internship opportunities in local West End and Westview businesses. These are paid internships and offer teens the opportunity to learn valuable job skills and career-readiness experience.

The program will run from February through May.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to find out how you can support!

Marta Improvements

MoreMarta has allocated almost half a billion dollars in station improvements, making our bus schedules more timely, etc. Send project suggestions, maintenance concerns to NPU-T transportation chair, Lisa Stines at lisa.stines@hotmail.com

Soccer in the Streets comes to West End Train Station

Atlanta United Foundation and the City of Atlanta Collaborate with Soccer in the Streets to expand Station Soccer at West End Train Station! This is a free soccer program for youth. Adults can participate in pick games as well. Register HERE

September Yard of the Month

September’s Yard of the Month goes to a home tucked away on the North side of RDA. Jessica and Johnathan at 388 Atwood St get this months award just because they managed to keep their grass GREEN in this insane summer heat. Jessica and Johnathan moved in about 4 months ago and they’ve taken very good care of the contractors landscaping.

A special thanks to our sponsor for yard of the month: West End Ace Hardware!

August Yard of the Month goes to…… Helene N Eric Connolly at 1240 RDA

August Yard of the Month goes to…… Helene N Eric Connolly at 1240 RDA.  Would you believe every single one of those flowers in the garden came from Lowe’s on CLEARANCE?!!!  This beautiful landscaping was done by the owners. Another WOW.  Great job guys!!! Thanks for making our curbs beautiful.

A special thanks to our sponsor for yard of the month: West End Ace Hardware!

WEND Beautification Committee Cleans the Off Ramps at I-20 & Lowery

Thanks so much for your continued efforts! Our WEND Beautification committee cleans the off ramps at I20 Lowery. You guys are the best!